Your new word-nerd addiction is here—and it’s called WORDROP

August 7, 2013

Since the dawn of time, people around the world have wondered what would happen if scrambled words dropped from the sky and collected in great piles until they could be unscrambled and points could be earned.

Wonder no more. Wordrop is here. And it’s about to become your new addiction. Start by spelling three-letter words from the letters that fall and advance to levels that test your brainpower and quickness.

How It Works

  • Unscramble the falling letters to spell words.
  • Earn more points by completing words faster.
  • Clear the screen by spelling extra long words.
  • Level up for a faster pace and longer words.
  • Easy to enable or disable sound.
  • Pause your game to resume later.
  • Helpful tips and game advice.

Welcome to Wordrop

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